Justina Ovat

Justina Ovat Lead Consultant ServiceCraft Company Limited

Justina Ovat

Lead Consultant ,ServiceCraft Company Limited

Justina Ovat is a distinguished figure in the tourism and hospitality industry, particularly renowned for her contributions to learning and development. She currently serves as Assistant Registrar at the University of Calabar and is the Lead Consultant at Justina Ovat Consulting, which includes ServiceCraft Company, Calabar Hospitality House, Afiegu Tours & Events, and the Justina Ovat Foundation.

Justina’s career spans consultancy, training, service design, and strategic leadership, with a strong focus on organizational excellence and professional development. She holds leadership roles such as Vice President of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria and President of Women in Hospitality Nigeria.

As a Certified Master Trainer and Learning & Development Specialist, she designs and implements transformative service experience strategies and learning programs for corporate organizations and government agencies.

Justina is also an accomplished author and speaker, leveraging her platform to share insights on hospitality management and service design. Her education includes a Master Certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University.