As we gear up for our second edition, we invite you to explore unique sponsorship opportunities that offer unparalleled visibility, networking, and thought leadership exposure. Your partnership with OLxD Con 24 is not merely an investment in an event; it’s an investment in the advancement of organizational learning and the collective growth of the Learning and Development community.

Why Partner with us:


Conversion Opportunities: The conference provides a platform for direct lead generation and conversion activities, allowing partners to showcase products or services to a relevant and interested audience, thus driving sales and increasing ROI.

Connect with Diverse Professionals: Engage with a broad spectrum of professionals, including seasoned L&D professionals and influential leaders in the professional development and talent development space.

Enhanced Visibility: Position your organization as a key player in the professional development space, reaching 1000+ L&D/Talent Development professionals from 100s of organizations attending both virtually and physically over two impactful days.

Valuable Networking Opportunities: Forge meaningful connections with industry leaders, thought leaders, and decision-makers through exclusive networking events, establishing collaborative relationships that extend beyond the conference.

Showcase Thought Leadership: Demonstrate your expertise by actively participating in panel discussions, breakout sessions, and other thought leadership opportunities, positioning your organization as a thought leader in the industry.

As a Partner, you will enjoy the following privileges:

Participate as a Panelist: This is an excellent opportunity for your organization to contribute to important industry discussions, network with professionals, and increase its visibility within the L&D community.

Facilitate a Workshop: This could involve practical sessions where attendees experience your solution/services or are exposed to real life case studies where your offering help organizations solve real-world problems, coupled with special offers for participants who decide to sign up at the event.

Showcase Your Products / Services: Your organization will also be provided with a booth at the conference to display and promote its services. The booth will be equipped with lead capture tools, such as QR codes and sign-up sheets for product demos or consultations, making it easier to convert interested attendees into actionable leads.

Feature on Brochure: This will provide further visibility to a targeted audience. This feature can include a company profile, details of services offered, and contact information.